Easter is a Pretty Major Holiday for Resurrection and Rebirth and for each
of Us the Traditions that Follow are Different

In Our House I Grew up with
waiting to go shopping with Mom and getting a new dress and purse and shoes and I always
got gloves too. We would go to Church then return to Bakery Goods and find Our Easter Basket.
Now I am one of six sisters so Mom $ Dad would have One Large easter basket Overflowing and we
each would get Our own solid chocolate Bunny. And Leg of Lamb was always on the menu with wonderful sides.
An Easter braided yeast cake with colored eggs and non perils for dessert and of course Pop
got his plain chocolate pudding.
Now My husband his family Traditions was to have Easter Morning a Big Meal
he would get a Bunny but Breakfast was off course the colored eggs and a Ham ,Babka, Kabasi, Homemade
home fries and Some Good rye Bread. Now in My House I like to Combine the two Traditions and do the Breakfast
just like my Husband always had and then this year I will make Prime Rib for Dinner with sides. I haven;t
decided on desserts yet If I will make the Babka that’s not for a novice but I can do it, and the Easter Braid
yeast cake with the colored eggs in it?? Hmmm What are some of your traditions?? I would Love to hear about Them.
I took some pictures of some decorations and I am still waiting tomorrow the hang my chandelier!! I can’t wait.
And I think my Bar is just a little too full of decorations lol. I will show you my husband’s fish tank I
designed and it was custom built, because it is right on the wall by my Dining table.And more pictures to come on
Easter Please Share some of
your Thoughts and HAPPY EASTER TO EVERYONE!!….Lisa