Hello Everyone,
I Hope you all had a Great St. Patrick’s Day !! It was crazy here in Savannah. This year it was on a Saturday but
if it’s not some I should say most give there people off on that Day !! Nice isn’t it !! There is so Much Preparation and Such Much Pride
that goes into St. Patrick’s Day in Savannah that You can’t help but get excited about it !!

We had a Very Nice time at My House and
I have a few picture to put up , My Grandchildren Alex 4 ,Anthony 3, Janie just 2 months old. Now I couldn’t get any of the adults in
the pictures (yet) lol But I have some easy inexpensive quick St. Patrick’s Day Decorations. I have a piece I put on my coffee table with
the first rose my husband gave me when we moved to Savannah.Down on Riverstreet you will often see people making and selling roses, there stories are All
different this gentlemen was making and selling them because he was disabled and waiting on his Social Security to be approved while
sleeping on the benches at night. It just doesn’t seem right, So don’t look and judge when you can Please help. Speaking of Help the Police where out full force at check points taking licences and running plates lol ( I don’t know if Savannah has a quota but I know when I left NY I went to Florida and lived there 7 years and the Policeman there have a quota to make money for the Police Department. I’m so happy I’m here now . I got see Savannah because my son was going to Emory in Atlanta
and fell in love with Georgia. Now always living by the water there was no other choice but Savannah and I am so Proud to live here, I miss all
my Family in NY but I visit on occasion and mostly enjoy the food really it’s weird my husband it’s pizza for him and for me a buttered roll lol
Anyway I have included a DIY on rusting items I have tags I use and rust them then just print out different holidays and a lil glitter and they smell
so good. You can even use them for gift tags or make them bigger for Place settings, Well let me get some pictures up so you get a glimpse of my House on St. Patrick’s Day…… Many Blessings Lisa

These are All inexpensive flowers but with the Rose my husband got me when we first moved here. The gentleman told me a trick if you spray them with hairspray they last longer and he was right. I think this inexpensive arrangement worked well in my front room welcoming Everyone !!

This is just the other side of the bar in the dininig room with just a few Decorations

Tags I just scattered about

Platter of Corn Beef and Cabbage , potatoes and carrots. Of course I put a bottle of Molsen Ice in the pot for tendrizing the Corn Beef and Boy it did just that. I talk to my friends that have Mom's and Dad's and friends from Ireland and they don't eat this on St. Patrick's Day , It's an American Irish Tradtion